Aquaman (New 52) #16

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Continuing from this month’s JUSTICE LEAGUE #16!

Torn between Ocean Master and the League in this penultimate chapter of “Throne of Atlantis, Aquaman is pushed toward an impossible choice!

The monstrous Trench are back — and they’re hungry!

The issue starts with Silas Stone attempting to adapt his son for underwater battle and Vic sees that he is obviously stalling until Dr. Sarah Charles arrives. Cyborg is takes off-line for the operation.

Vulko and Shin are in another part of the Watchtower, viewing the news. The newscasts are blaming Aquaman for the Atlantean attacks and the reports went as far as to say Aquaman's membership in the League was part of the plan. Vulko tells Shin that if he was in Atlantis, he would be put to death. Evidently, Superman, Batman, Aquaman and Wonder Woman were banished to the Dark Waters.

Aquaman breaks out of his pod via his Trident. Batman is ready to break out but Aquaman warns him not to because of the crushing depths they are at. Between Batman's gadgets within his utility belt and Aquaman's Telepathy, they figure out where they are. Aquaman destroys one of the trench with Neptune's Trident. Aquaman then lifts up Batman's pod and they go looking for Superman and Wonder Woman. Batman wonders aloud if there is anyone defending the land masses against Atlantis. Hawkman, Black Canary and Firestorm are in the battle but they are not real effective as a team and Ocean Master uses a detonator to subdue Hawkman.

Back at the Watchtower, Cyborg is refitted for the sea and he and Mera head to Earth. Aquaman and Batman find Superman and Wonder Woman. Aquaman suggests that their friends may be paralyzed by a fluid that the Trench produce. Soon Batman is surrounded by the Trench but help arrives by way of a Boom Tube in the form of Mera and Cyborg. Along with Aquaman they rescue Superman and Wonder Woman and bring everyone to safety. Aquaman no longer senses the Trench which may mean that they are on land. Aquaman believes that Ocean Master is controlling the Trench but Orm seems as bewildered as Aquaman. The final page is definitely a cliff hanger as we see Stephen Shin lying in a pool of blood and Vulko with the staff that is controlling the Trench!

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