Refund Policy

Return Policy: If your order was lost or damaged in transit

Please let us know as soon as possible. We will credit your account with us, refund you, or reship all or part of the order, as appropriate.
If the order was damaged, keep the packaging! We may need it to file for insurance on the package; it may be difficult to refund you if we aren't able to process our claim. You must inform us of any damage to your order within seven business days of receipt.


Order problems: wrong item, missing item, or misgraded item

Please notify us of the problem via email at within seven days of receipt. If we need you to return the item, we will reimburse you for basic ground shipping. Returns must be received at our office within two weeks of original delivery date (Canadian three weeks, international one month). We will refund you, credit your account, or ship a replacement item at our discretion. Basic ground postage will be refunded on any books deemed to have been misgraded or returned due to our error.


To receive prompt credit to your A&S Comics account or a refund to your credit card, please include a copy of the original invoice provided with your order. Items returned without a copy of the original invoice may experience delays in processing. Items returned without authorization may incur a 25% restocking fee, deducted from the value of the refund.


If you are an international buyer using a US-based freight forwarding service, you must notify us of any problems with your order promptly within 7 days of you receiving the order from your shipping service, within a maximum of 11 weeks after we shipped your order.


If you have purchased an item in error

Please let us know within seven days of receipt. We will refund you for the purchase price of the item (without shipping), less a 25% restocking fee. We will not reimburse you for your shipping.


Buyer responsibility and CGC, CBCS, and PGX comics

If buying comics graded and encased by CGC, CBCS, or PGX, please closely inspect the large, high resolution cover images we have provided prior to purchase. By bidding on or purchasing a third-party graded comic you are acknowledging your acceptance of the grade assigned by the certification company. By purchasing a third-party graded comic you accept that A&S Comics is not responsible for the grade assigned by the grade certification company.


Buyer responsibility and submissions of purchased comics to grading companies

After your order arrives, as we describe above, you have up to seven days to evaluate it. If you choose not to return an item to us, the transaction is complete. We do not offer any refunds or credits if a comic purchased from us is submitted for grading by CGC or CBCS and receives a lower grade than what we assigned, although that possibility is extremely rare. The vast majority of items purchased from us would receive a grade from CGC or CBCS equal to our assigned grade or even a bit higher.

We do make one exception for restoration. If we fail to note that restoration is present on a comic we sell, and after you purchase it and submit it for third-party grading that comic comes back to you identified as being restored, we will accept a return of that comic even past the usual seven day return window as long as the comic you return is confirmed to be the same comic we originally sent you.


No returns on redeemed digital content

If a publisher includes a redemption key for online content with a comic, we will not accept the item for return if the content has already been redeemed. (Put more plainly, if you peel the sticker off a newly-released comic to reveal the code, we won't accept a return on that item.) Many books we might sell with the code previously redeemed, and those would be returnable.


We also cannot take responsibility or grant a refund if the publisher chooses not to redeem your code, for whatever reason.