Beauty And The Beast #1

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It's mutant mayhem in full throttle as two X-Men star in an unlikely team-up! While on vacation from the Defenders, Beast runs into Dazzler on the Hollywood circuit. Recently outed as a mutant, and with her singing career up in smoke, Hank McCoy promises to have Dazzler's back. But Dazzler has just signed a new contract…one that promises to get her center stage at an ‘experimental underground theater'! 
The threat of blackmail from his alleged son looms over Doctor Doom’s head. He decides to keep an eye on the man who resides in California. Also in California, Beast arrives in Hollywood to visit Wonder Man, while Dazzler, currently a lightning rod for anti-mutant hysteria, tries to lay low. She unintentionally meets a talent scout at a party who then brings her to his boss and signs her into a restrictive contract. The resultant whirlwind of activity and media attention taxes the starlet; her powers flare out of control and her grip on reality loosens. Beast and Wonder Man cross paths with the once-again famous Dazzler at a cast party on a studio back lot. After a horse-faced mutant named Rocker aggressively hits on Alison, Beast decides to intervene. The conflict turns violent, but then Dazzler betrays her friendship with Hank by telling him to stop acting like such a beast. After Dazzler leaves, her light-emitting powers rage out of control and she runs away. Her agent, suspiciously unsurprised, has her followed. Beast reads about Alison’s disappearance in the paper next day and decides he needs to rescue her. He beats information on Dazzler’s whereabouts out of Rocker and heads to her current location: an old building on the coast called the Heartbreak Hotel, where she is being nursed to health by a group of misfits. Beast enters, finds Alison lying in an uncontrollable cocoon of light, and wraps her in his arms. He promises her everything will be alright.
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