Fantastic Four: Big Town #3

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The FF and the Avengers successfully fight off the Knights of Doom and the Silver Surfer, leaving Hulk, Namor, and Ultron at the heroes' mercy.  
Johnny and his Fiancee talk about their options with her newly exposed pregnancy, since they are slated to be married in the following month.  
In Avengers Mansion, Hawkeye and Mockingbird talk about how she's willing to kill to achieve their goals.  Evidently, her history as a spy inclined her to do whatever is necessary to protect the common good.
Professor X senses the mutant team, The Mutts' activities in Newark, and decides along with Hank Pym that they should send the X Squad to deal with the mutts once and for all.
Having been hit hard by Namor, Black Panther lies in critical condition in the Baxter Building, with Reed Richards' Regeneration bed and Doctor Blake's medical care guarding his life.
Members of Odin's cult arrive and reveal Red Skull as the leader, and Thor has to fight off the cult members while Skull escapes to further poison Black Panther, in the hopes of killing him. 
Johnny is able to save T'Challa, and his fiancee decides to have the baby. All the while, Ultron creeps deeper into the city's network.
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