Blaze Of Glory #1

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It's the sunset days of the Wild West, and former Gunhawk Reno Jones is raising a family in a small town in Montana. The exploits of himself and the other gunslingers are now relegated to pulp novels. But tranquility is shattered when Reno's town is targeted by a ruthless land baron who's willing to use any means necessary? including the lawless, hooded Night Riders?to wipe out the town and make way for a new copper mining operation. Now Reno's only hope is to coax out of retirement the greatest gun-slinging vigilantes of the Old West's heyday! However, complications loom on the horizon, as they all have been through quite a few changes. Two-Gun Kid has retired his masked identity and is back at his legal practice. Rawhide Kid has become a performer in Buffalo Bill Cody's Wild West Show. Kid Colt is still an outlaw, and stays only a few steps ahead of his determined pursuer: Caleb Hammer of the Pinkerton Detective Agency. Red Wolf has grown bitter and angry at the White Man, and has distanced himself from society. Worst of all, the man once known as the Outlaw Kid has begun a slow deterioration into schizophrenia...believing his true identity and masked identity are two separate people! Can this ragtag collection of former allies pull together and stop the sacrifice of an innocent town for the sake of corporate greed? Especially when the land baron has also hired the infamous bounty hunter called Gunhawk? And what about the Ghost Rider? He's dead...or is he? ?
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