Aquaman Vol. 2 #03

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Poseidonis becomes the target of hundreds of sharks that refuse to obey Aquaman. And in nearby Tritonis, Iqula, that city's hero, is introduced.

Aquaman has returned to the his city, where he is greeted by several Atlantean children. However a pack of sharks, smelling the blood in the water from all the previous fighting swim towards Atlantis ignoring Aquaman's suggestions to leave. Aquaman then begins a physical battle with the sharks,meanwhile in the Atlantean city of Tritonnis more shark attacks occur, with an Atlantean being saved by Lord Iqula.

Aquaman is then forced to save the current king when sharks enter the royal palace. Aquaman then realizes he is outnumbered, he begins utilizing his telepathy to call in a school of moses sole, who begin releasing a shark repellent.,while Tritonis prepares to invade Poseidonis,in the name of protecting them.

Aquaman then prepares his final plan to repel the sharks through the use of electricity. Which he manages as Vulko awakens from his head injury he sustained,with damage to his memories. Shortly after driving off the sharks, the armies of Tritonis arrive.

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