Death's Head Vol 1 #04

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What do a birthday cake and a feral dog have in common? Both are featured in this issue!

A mysterious undertaker, a new office space for rent and three targets on Death's Head's list of things to kill.

Spratt and Death's Head have become partners, much to the dismay of Death's Head, and are going to start up a new business. Spratt has rented an office by a mysterious man, knowing not what awaits him.

Meanwhile Spratt is gone, Death's Head is out eliminating some targets for a new client.

Killing his targets for Dead Cert, Death's Head has a main target on today's list of stuff to kill - Plague Dog.

A super-human killing machine, quite possibly a human having been experimented on, Plague Dog is hungry and ready to devour anyone crossing his path. Unfortunately for Death's Head and Spratt, the monster is hiding in the new office space of the freelance peacekeeping agent and his new assistant.

As Spratt enters the office, he gets attacked by Plague Dog.

Meanwhile, in a different part of town, Death's Head is confused as to why Plague Dog isn't showing up, after having killed two of The Undertaker's lieutenants. He decides to give up the hunt and returns to the office, where a burning corpse is lying on the ground outside of the building. An obviously confused, tired and slightly hurt Spratt refuses to tell Death's Head what occurred, and all Death's Head can think about is the hefty sum of money he just made with the help of Spratt.

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