Detective Comics #444

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“BAT-MURDERER!” The Gotham City Police Department is on the lookout for Scrag Donovan, and Commissioner Gordon tasks Batman with investigating the case and finding the criminal. Batman proceeds to interrogate members of the underworld of Gotham City and he is given a clue about Donovan's possible location, where he finds that Donovan has joined a mysterious gang led by a woman who is planning a big crime in Gotham. Batman infiltrates the gang and joins them the night of the crime. “DICK GRAYSON, DETECTIVE!” An aptitude test indicates Dick Grayson is meant to be a detective, but he must throw off the attention to keep his identity as Robin safe! “THE CASE OF THE MARTIAN WITNESS.” Private investigator Star Hawkins goes on a manhunt, searching for a missing Martian in the Red Jungle of Vesta.

Can this be true? Has the Caped Crusader become "Bat-Murderer?" When Talia Al Ghul flees the scene of an underworld bust made by the Batman, she is shot dead in the back and it's the Darknight Detective who is left holding the smoking gun. Wanting to believe Batman's protestations of innocence, but overwelhmed by the weight of evidence against him, Police Commisioner Gordon orders his men to arrest Batman on a charge of murder. Batman flees the scene and delivers another suspect into police hands - but the hunt is on for the Caped Crusader and the story rolls over into next issue.


The reprints section in this 100 page issue begin with a solo Robin story from Star Spangled Comics #111, entitled, "Dick Grayson...Detective!" Star Hawkins features in "The Case of the Martian Witness" from Strange Adventures #114, while Manhunters Around the World star in "The International Sky Police" from Star Spangled #109. Then it's Kid Eternity in an adventure from #10 of his own magazine and Roy Raymond in "The Good-Luck prophet" from Detective #285. A western adventure of Sierra Smith, "The case of the Haunted Horse" is from Dale Evans #9 and "Circus Beat" featuring the Gang Busters from # 48 fo their own magazine concludes the reprints.


The issue is rounded out with a new Elongated Man tale, "The Magical Mystery Mirror." When Sue Dibny looks in the mirror one day, it certainly isn't herself she sees looking back. The twitching nose of the Elongated Man leads him to solve a murder plot before being reunited with Sue.

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