Detective Comics #675 (Regular Cover)

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Batman is forced to augment his costume yet again for his showdown with the deadly Gunhawk, who has taken an entire hospital hostage with a new prototype weapon.

Batman (Jean-Paul Valley) is trying out his new batsuit that fires two thousand razor-thin batarangs on some targets in the Batcave while Gunhawk rushes Bunny into an emergency room, threatening the staff with pistols.

The police surround the hospital while Batman rushes to the scene in the Batmobile, Gunhawk destroys a few cop cars with his new prototype gun. The Lieutenant in charge tries to negotiate with Gunhawk, with the intent to snipe him if he shows himself. Batman shows up and Gunhawk attacks. The two exchange rounds until Batman uses his flamethrower to send Gunhawk through the floor, gaining the upper hand. Desperate, Gunhawk tries to take a hostage only to find out its a dummy. SWAT enters the building, not knowing Batman is in the building. Out of ammo, Batman pounces on Gunhawk. SWAT blows into the room and distract Batman enough for Gunhawk to run away, the two tumble down the stairs and they both appear knocked out. Montoya and Bullock look on as Lt. Kitch reads Gunhawk his rights as he regains consciousness while Batman watches from a corner.


  • The Deluxe Edition cover is of hard stock paper and it is foiled embossed in gold and blue.
  • Deluxe Edition cover price was $2.95.
  • Newstand Edition cover price was $1.50.
  • Both editions of the covers were penciled by Kelley Jones, inked by John Beatty and colored by Bob LeRose.
  • Jean-Paul Valley used the target range in the Batcave.
  • Jean-Paul Valley doesn't speak in this issue.
  • "DC Universe" one page featuring a memorial to the recent passing of Jack Kirby.

Regular Cover

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