JLA: Paradise Lost #3

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The most titanic battle in the history of the cosmos rages across the once-placid fields of Heaven, as Asmodel’s Bull Host allies itself with Neron’s horrible hordes of Hell. Together, they face the holy army of the Throne of Heaven itself. And caught in the middle is the guardian angel Zauriel, who must intervene if he wishes to save the innocent soul of his beloved Shannon Coyne. But Zauriel doesn’t stand alone: joining him in his battle is the discorporate spirit of J’onn J’onzz—the Martian Manhunter—who died of the terrible wounds he suffered at Asmodel’s hands.

The war for heaven has begun, as Neron’s demons aide the cast aside angel Asmodel in claiming the silver city. The angels defend, and are aided by recently killed Zauriel and Martian Manhunter. The two heroes enter the fray, but Zauriel hesitates because Asmodel has stolen his true love, Shannon Coyne, and holds her hostage.

Back in the land of the living, the Justice League continues to try to resuscitate Martian Manhunter, while independently Jerry the nurse and Michael try to resuscitate Zauriel. Batman comes up with a plan, and, with Aztek and Flash’s help, manage to bring the Manhunter back to life. Unfortunately, this means Manhunter is no longer able to help defend heaven. Back amongst the living, Martian Manhunter tells the League of Asmodel and Neron’s plot. But now, Zauriel must face them alone.

Asmodel and the demons take the main tower, and challenge God. Zauriel arrives, and is sad to see that Asmodel doesn’t recognize the face of God when he sees it. Neron arrives, and we find out that this whole scheme was a way for Neron to corrupt and gain hold of Asmodel’s soul; that Neron never believed his scheme to work. The demons retreat with Asmodel’s soul, and Neron returns Shannon to Zauriel.

Zauriel is resuscitated by Jerry and Michael. In reward for defending heaven, the angels award Zauriel with the Aerie, a floating headquarters above Los Angeles, and a new suit of armor. Zauriel becomes God’s first sanctioned super-hero, and comes to terms with the fact that Shannon is truly in love with Jerry .

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