Justice Society Of America Vol. 3 #06 (Regular Cover)

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Part 4 of the 5-part JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA/

JUSTICE SOCIETY OF AMERICA crossover "The Lightning Saga!" Wonder Woman leads Damage and a squad of League and Society members deep into the recesses of the mysterious Suicide Swamp! What horrible evil will rise that will plague the world for a thousand years, and how will the combined might of the Justice League and the Justice Society stop it?

The Legion have left. Superman recalls a time when he and the Legion (in his youth) were willing to sacrifice themselves for each other. They were more than just a team.

Meanwhile, the Legion are flying off to their destination. They feel bad that they couldn't tell Superman what they have to do. They were to arrive in this time, complete their mission, and then return to their time. As they talk to each other, they comment on Starman's unstableness. Because of his schizoprenia, Brainiac 5 didn't give him clearance to travel back in time. Starman tricked Colossal Boy and took his place. The time beam wasn't set for him so that could have added to his problems. He seems to have been affected by the Mutlitverse too. When he first arrived at this time, he ended up in a parallel Earth (which Starman mutters Earth-22).

The Legion see that they are not the first to arrive at their destination. Wonder Woman, Liberty Belle, Black Lightning, Hourman, and Damage are walking through the jungle. They have detected a signal from a Legion flight ring. It is coming from inside of the Secret Society's old headquarters. As they blast it open, they find Triplicate Gril inside. There is a giant computer that needs to be destroyed. It is in this computer that the world's first "psychopathic artificial intelligence" is born. It can calculate the destruction of super-heroes. Hiding in the shadows, appears to be another Legion member.

The computer becomes activated and begins attacking. The rest of the Legion reveal themselves, along with the rest of the JLA and JSA. Dawnstar finds the Legion that is hiding and says they did a good job and can stop. Uttering an alien phrase, the last Legion member is restored. One of the Triplicate Girl's bodies seems to be incinerated.

Suddenly Superman tells everyone to stop. He tells Power Girl to use her x-ray vision to see that everything is an illusion. Superman tells them that Triplicate Girl wasn't even there. He says it was a member named Sensor Girl.

The Legion fly away. They each have the coordinates for where they each need to go. They say their goodbyes and split up.

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