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Longshot Vol 1 #1

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On another world, an amnesiac young man flees for his life, hunted by several monsters. He comes across a dimensional portal and enters. The others follow but, unlike him, they are stuck in-between. The young man ends up in NY State, where he saves a woman’s life with his unnatural luck. Fleeing from the cops, he befriends a survivalist named Eliot. Reading about a kidnapping in the newspaper, the young man and Eliot visit the child’s mother. The stranger ‘reads’ a doll the kidnappers left and leads Eliot and Hester to a strange mill, where the monsters who had followed him now intend to sacrifice the child to create a way back. Using his luck, the stranger saves the child, learning along the way that his luck is dependent on the pureness of the motives. He is assisted in his struggle by a strange little critter, who is actually part of the demon hunters. Before he leaves Hester and Eliot, Eliot christens him Longshot.

Released: September 1985