Origin Vol. 1 #3

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Death has come to the Howlett home - and young James, the Wolverine to be, must leave it! With Rose at his side, he finds a new home, a new life...and a new name!

In the aftermath of Thomas Logan’s and John Howlett’s deaths, James's world crumbles around him: his father murdered, Thomas Logan killed at his hands, and is thrown out of the house by his mother, who calls him an “animal” and a “damned abortion.” As he flees, Rose chases after him, only to find James crumbled on the ground. As Dog is left severely wounded upstairs, Elizabeth mourned over the body of Thomas Logan, puts a shotgun to her head and pulls the trigger, committing suicide in front of Dog. Dog is later questioned by the local constables and Howlett Sr. intervenes by threatening to hang Dog by the neck. With no other option left, Dog accuses Rose of murder and kidnapping.

The next day, after receiving no help from her aunt, her only living relative, James and Rose return to the house. Awaiting them is Howlett Sr., who wants nothing to do with them, but he gives them money for the train so that they can leave and he can be done with them. The pair head deeper within Canada seeking refuge at a remote mining town where they can hide. The foreman, Smitty, asks their names and Rose tells him her name, but tells him that James is her cousin and that his name is Logan.

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