Robin II: The Jokers Wild! #3

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The Joker tears up Gotham City with cyber warfare as an absent Batman fails to confront him, leaving it up to Robin to track down and stop his mentor’s nemesis before the mayor declares Gotham an official disaster zone!

Joker strikes Gotham with a wave of cyber attacks, effecting the police, fire department, and many other government agencies computer system. Gotham is in chaos and the governer and mayor are ready to consider Gotham a disaster zone. Robin trys to track down where the computer attacks are coming from, but the Joker almost breaks the Bat-Computer in this attempt.

Note: This issue features two variant covers that came with holographic cards, painted by Dan Jurgens and Norm Breyfogle, respectively. A third "newsstand" edition was done by Kevin Maguire, which did not feature the card.


Cover B

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