Silver Surfer Vol. 3 #135

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Scrier, a cosmic being who’s ‘the architect of the Earth’, is the only one that can save Surfer from a soul-ravaging virus.

The Silver Surfer has been inflicted with a virus of the soul by the mysterious Other and the only one that can help is a being known as Scrier. But Alicia does not trust the being and refuses his help and he departs. She is then offered assistance by Agatha Harkness.

At Agatha's Whisper Hill Estate, she attempts to contain the virus so that it will not spread to the rest of humanity. But the Other penetrates Agatha's consciousness and she is driven from helping the Surfer. It takes all the power she has to drive a fragment of the Other from the Surfer and she fears that the Surfer will die.

Back at the Satori, Phillip's creation is complete. He has created a clay mold for the Cosmic Messiah. Meanwhile, Alicia's true love tries to get the courage to simply knock at her door.

The virus begins to take control of the Surfer and his Power Cosmic. Scrier has returned and stopped the Surfer's unconscious tantrum. Alicia allowed Scrier to help this time and he drove the virus from him. But this also killed the Surfer.

The Surfer is now in the spirit world, driven to fly toward the light. But he has an unexpected guest in this realm......Mephisto.

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