Superman's Pal, Jimmy Olsen #150

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  1. "A Bad Act to Follow!" written by John Albano, penciled by Jose Delbo inked by Bob Oksner. (Jimmy Olsen, Meg Tempest, Jim Corrigan, Superman)
  2. "Jimmy Olsen's Odd News Items" 1 page history of newspaper tidbits.
  3. "Woozy Winks Detective Agency" Reprints Police Comics #20.
  4. "Amazing Editors" 1/2 page 3 panels highlighting Joseph Medill of the Chicago Tribune, Carr Van Anda of the New York Times and John Gordon Bennett who was responsible for creating the Washington Press Corps which covered American politics.
  5. "Headline Heroes" 1/2 page strip highlighting Henry W. Grady.
  6. "Where's Charlie Now?" written by John Albano and E. Nelson Bridwell, penciled by Win Mortimer, inked by Henry Scarpelli. (Newsboy Legion clones, Angry Charlie)
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