Thor Corps #1

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It's Hammer Brothers Time! Hammers clash when Mjolnir-wielder of the future Dargo Ktor is tricked into fighting Eric Masterson, the replacement Thor, in the modern day. As they bring the thunder, Beta Ray Bill joins the party with his mighty mallet Stormbreaker!

Summary: Dargo Ktor, the Thor of the 26th century of an alternate reality, is sought by Demonstaff to find his wife Ellene. To assist him against inter-dimensional foes, Demonstaff summons two other heroes who have Asgardian-enchanted hammers: Beta Ray Bill and Eric Masterson.

Story: This story is set in an alternate reality in the year 2593, where businesses have replaced government and employees are not much more than slaves.

As a diversion, Demonstaff sends cavemen barreling through crowds of people, while he raids his former bosses safe for technology that will assist him in rescuing his wife Ellene. Dargo is delayed, but does catch up with the villain. But a quick dimensional rift drops a bunch of monsters on this future Thor's head and allows Demonstaff to escape.

The plundered executive weaves a doubtful history about Hallan Gorko, Demonstaff. Adcore, a rich ad agency, hired this scientific genius to open doors between dimensions, but there were accidents along the way - Gorko got hurt, his wife continued his experiments until she got sucked into a dimensional rift herself. Then Gorko went nuts, blaming the exec for what happened.

When Dargo failed to find Demonstaff, he returned home to his wife (married?), Salla. But Demonstaff was watching. The next day when Dargo went to work, Demonstaff came a-calling.

Using Salla as leverage, he demands that Thor assist him in finding his own wife. He also tells a different tale of his beginning. It wasn't accident that hurt him and separated him from his wife, but the sabotage of his boss, who wanted to steal Hallan's wife.

Knowing this will be too risky just for Dargo, Demonstaff summons two others: Beta Ray Bill who was saving some of his people at that moment (see Thor 461) and Eric Masterson, Thunderstrike, who was just trying to save his son from getting run over by a car, when he was pulled to the other reality.

Just as these three are getting briefed on what's going on, Demonstaff's enemy, Warlord Kargul, transports them to a World War II battleship, where they are assailed by Captain America, Namor, Toro, the Human Torch, and Winter Soldier.