Web Of Spider-Man Vol. 1 #060

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Spider-Man takes on Goliath. But that's just the appetizer. What Doom has planned for the main course is something altogether more sinister...

Spidey fights Goliath on top of a NYC bridge. Despite Goliath's huge size advantage, Spidey beats him easily thanks to his newly-enhanced powers. After Spidey swings off, one of Kingpin's men takes Goliath off with a fake FBI id.

Peter goes to May's and in a roundabout way, she makes him feel a lot better about the strength of his new powers. At the Bugle, Katzenberg's pictures of Spidey's battle with Goliath don't go down too well with Fireheart, who wants a pro-Spider-Man agenda.

Spidey visits Fireheart at the Bugle as he wants him to sell the Bugle back to Jonah. Fireheart takes a phone call from Kingpin wanting him to pass a message on to Spidey. Spider-Man takes the phone himself and Kingpin asks if they can meet in Battery Park.

It's a setup, of course, and Goliath shows up again but Spidey blasts him with rays from his eyes. Goliath lets slip about Dr Doom and Kingpin's arrangement. Doom is watching on and has some sort of setup that allows him to channel Spidey's new powers through Goliath. Goliath should get stronger the more Spidey uses his powers on him.

Eventually Goliath topples back into the river with Spidey victorious. Doom, watching on, says he now has the knowledge to replicate Spidey's new powers for himself.

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