Wolverine Vol. 2 Annual '95 #1 Direct Edition

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While prowling the campus grounds, Wolverine notices something amiss. An interdimensional portal emerges at Xavier Institute! Wolverine is joined by fellow X-Man Nightcrawler, as the two thwart an invasion by N’Garai aliens. When robbed of his humanity, will Wolverine once again fall to berserker rage? Plus, Maverick crash lands at the Institute with some shadowy dirt on Weapon X…and it involves none other than Deadpool!

Lair Of The N'Garai

The cairn appears once again on the grounds of Xavier's and Wolverine and Nightcrawler take the fight to the demon's own dimension.

What The Cat Dragged In

Wolverine and Maverick have to rescue Deadpool from a sinister group who are experimenting on him and try to find a cure to the Legacy Virus.

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