X-Force Vol. 1 #002

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Deadpool and Kane have a brief fight and are both evenly matched. Kane finally gets the upper hand and beats Deadpool. G. W. Bridge shows up and wants Kane to join his team to bring down Cable. Deadpool teleports away.

Cable trains X-Force in battle but Feral tries to kill Cannonball. Cable has to stun her with his gun.

Back at the World Trade Center, Black Tom brings Juggernaut back from a dimension he was trapped in.


Garrison Kane, also known as Weapon X, has tracked on of Tolliver's operations to a pier. He's been called in to take the project down, a project that finds Deadpool trying to intercept some software on its way to NATO intelligence, and to bring Deadpool in. He jumps right into a fight with Deadpool. Kane tries to keep a cool head while Deadpool blabbers throughout the fight, as it seems the two have a history together. To end the skirmish, Kane shoots off one of his hands and strangles Deadpool with it. Before an arrest can be made, Kane is distracted by the arrival of G.W. Bridge. Deadpool uses this as his chance to escape, but Bridge shoots him in the back, knocking him out for a while. Bridge asks Kane if he wants to join up to hunt Cable. Kane is unsure. He recognizes the past the three men have shared, but he ends up rejecting Bridge; letting bygones be bygones. Bridge then informs Kane that he should never turn his back on a mercenary with a personal teleporter. Kane turns to see that Deadpool is gone.

At the X-Force base, Cable leads a field practice drill in which Feral is hiding in the woods and the rest of the team must find her. The group is sure of victory, especially Boomer with her new wrist launchers. The team strikes out and Feral relishes the thrill of the hunt. The first she takes out is Cannonball, whom she leaps upon and steers into Warpath. Boomer is right there, however, to retaliate by flinging a couple bombs Feral's way. Refusing to be beat, Feral commandeers Boomer and makes her shoot a bomb or two at Cable. Domino is next on the scene, but Feral, having forgotten that this is just a training exercise, easily dispatches her. The fun really begins, however, when Shatterstar shows up. The two warriors duke it out until Cannonball interrupts by blasting Feral into a tree. Angered, Feral acts on instinct and rips into Cannonball's stomach. Cable shoots her, effectively knocking her out, and the team races to their medical lab. Cannonball is pretty messed up, but it's nothing he won't get over.

At the World Trade Center, Arianna Jankos is keeping up her end of the bargain with Black Tom Cassidy. In exchange for his help in extorting money from high end executives, she will help pull the Juggernaut from where ever he is in the multiverse. To the joy of everyone involved - it works. None is happier than the Juggernaut.

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