X-Men Vol. 1 #260

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Dazzler battles for her life...and the rights to her feature film! It's pure Hollywood drama as Dazzler is stuck between two producers, both making offers she just can't refuse!

A man named Eric Beale is in his mansion in Hollywood Hills, practicing the killing of Dazzler on numerous life-sized mannequins of her. As he destroys the mannequins, he angrily shouts out how she rejected him, and how they were made for one another. Angrily, he cuts off the last one's head.

Up the Coast of where Eric is, Dazzler, Strong Guy, and Dazzler's manager watch her new movie. Strong Guy says he likes it, and Dazzler agrees, then decidding that she wants to go for a swim. Taking off her sweater and heading in for a swim, she ignores what Fred is saying and goes of to surf.

As she relaxes is the water, laying on her surfboard, Eric sits on the rocks above, observing her through his sniper. Taking a shot, he misses when Dazzler quickly sits up to catch an oncoming wave. Strong Guy notices the guy, and tries to warn her, but she cannot hear over the waves. Eric misses again when Dazzler wipes out.

Dazzler notices him when he hits her surfboard, and shoots one of her light-based beams at him, knocking him over. Fred comes over and fetches her out of the water, despite Guido's urgings not to go. Once back in the house, Dazzler agrees to have the movie made, and goes upstairs to change.

In Manhattan, a amnesiac Colossus is working on a painting in his loft when he hears a young woman being robbed outside of the window. He goes outside to protect her, and finds the poeople wearing X-Men masks. He recognizes them, but still cannot recall his former life. Jennifer Ransome and Phillip Moreau come to the Peter and teh girl's aid. He then destroys the Colossus mask one was wearing.

Back in California, Dazzler and Fred are visiting Ginjer Baron, a famous studio manager who is trying to help the movie get made. There, Eric tries to once again attack her, but is foiled when the people on set think he is an actor, and they change his outfit. He gets attacked in one of the scenes.

Dazzler is trying to find an appropriate outfit for her movie's premiere, and tries out five outfits, deciding on the fifth one, a normal looking green gown to be the appropriate one. Eric is getting more makeup and gets angry when he hears Dazzler is gone.

In Kyrinos, Banshee and Forge are discussing how Moira MacTaggert, Banshee's lover has changed. They are about to go to Egypt, when their guide gives them an issue of People magazine featuring Dazzler. They decide to go find her, and as the plane they were going to be in takes off, it explodes.

It is revealed that Fenris, the mutant twins Andrea and Andreas were the ones that shot down the ship. They were also revealed to have been hired by someone. They do not know that their target, Banshee is not dead, and Banshee and Forge flee.

Back in California, Dazzler is attacked on the way to her premiere by Eric. Fred is irritated as Dazzler does not arrive. Dazzler is tied up and put in her old outfit with roller skates. A bag is wrapped around her head. She manages to fight back with Eric, and in the end he cannot bring himself to kill her.

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