X-Men Vol. 1 #301

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Selene, the Black Queen is a prisoner of Trevor Fizroy, who is brutally torturing her. He then calls a meeting of the Upstarts (Siena Blaze, Graydon Creed, Shinobi Shaw, Fabian Cortez, and the Gamesmaster). They all agree to make Forge their next target for points, as Fitzroy requests.

Back at the Xavier Institute, Colossus is speaking with his ill sisiter, Illyana. He is trapped in his armored form, and Illyana comforts him. Moira MacTaggert and Professor X watch on in tears, Moira asking Charles to tell Piotr, but the Professor refuses.

At Forge's aerie, a young woman named Raven arrives, who Forge knows as Mystique. The two walk to the workout room together, and discuss the recent death of Destiny, Mystique's former lover. Mystique quickly changes the subject, gets into her work clothes and begins to workout.

Bishop and Storm are heading to Forge's Aerie to ask for his assistance with the Legacy virus. They discuss Jubilee's asking Bishop if they are dating, and Bishop is confused about the concept of relationships. Storm is angry that he said that he didn't know.

Back at the Aerie, the alarm goes off and Trevor Fizroy attacks them. Fizroy immediately attacks Forge and Mystique, but Forge manages to reach his gun and blast him through a wall. Back at the mansion, Archangel and Iceman leave for Texas, leaving Bobby's girlfriend Opal behind.

When Fitzroy get the upper hand on Forge and Mystique, she transforms into Bishop to throw him off, but fails. He then sets of an explosion, while Storm watches as the whole complex explodes.


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