Young X-Men Vol. 1 #01

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In the wake of Messiah CompleX, there are no X-Men and young mutants Rockslide, Blindfold and Dust are alone and directionless. Until the day Cyclops recruits them to hunt the new incarnation of the Brotherhood – and kill them. Joined by a pair of new recruits, the young X-Men learn a hard truth about the world post-Messiah CompleX: sometimes old allies make for deadly enemies.

The story Begins with a dream with the Young X-men fighting Donald Pierce. Wolf Cub and Rockslide are just rambling on about not calling Wolf Cub by his name. Then they tell Dust to rip off his skin and she does. Now, his metal part of him is showing. Blindfold is walking to towards the battlefield with Greymalkin. Blindfold is worried and she says and I quote: "I've seen this before. Pierce is going to kill--NO...". We are now shown Pierce slashing someone with his metal claws and a Young X-men is dead. We are not shown which one it is though. Blindfold awakes in her aunt home (Which is shown to be in Prospect Plains, New jersey)and it is shown that it was her dream. We are now taken to Erfurt, Germany to meet the future Young X-men member, Wolf Cub.

For some odd reason it seems Wolf Cub is acting more like Wolverine by Calling Maximus Lobo "Bub", who is now depowered thanks to M-day. Maximus asks Wolf Cub, "What do you want from me......Mr. Gleason?". Wolf Cub responds by saying "Revenge". Right when Wolf Cub is about to kill Maximus, Cyclops stops him. Cyclops says that if Wolf Cub wants to hurt someday, that he should come with Cyclops and he'll point him at the right target. Our next member is Dust. Who is protecting a city in Bakwa, Afghanistan from some normal bad guys. One of them challenges her and she shows him that she is not playing around by ripping off the skin from his hand. The people of the city cheer for her and some guy name Zabul (Who looks like a general) comes up to her and says thanks, but also asks her where she is heading. Dust isn't sure and this is where Cyclops comes in and says "Westchester's lovely this time of year.".

Now, Blindfold is at the ruins of the mansion, but unknown to her, someone is watching her from a far. It seems to be Greymalkin. Next member is Ink and he is at LA Jolla, California. In a Tattoo store that is called, INK.INC. In the store he is getting a tattoo on his hand. While this happens, two officers come in and says that Ink (His name is Eric Gitter by the way) Heisted a Woman's car. They start saying the police motto when they are about to arrest him and he just continues on talking to the tattoo guy. They are finally finished and the tattoo on Ink hand is a Radiation symbol. He says that he wants to test it out and sticks his hand on the officer and the cop goes down puking. Ink is then arrested by the other cop. Now in jail, a cop comes toward Ink and unlocks the bars keeping him inside. The cop is then revealed to be Cyclops. The next member is Rockslide. But, Blindfold seemed to beat Cyclops to it and she is already there talking to him in a coffee restaurant. She tells him about the new team of X-men that he is going to be part of the new group. Cyclops come forth and says that he's been here for about 15 minutes and they hadn't noticed.

Cyclops then says that he had hope Rockslide had a better sense of his surrounding. And then says: "What if I was an enemy?". Rockslide then says "What if? I'm like indestructible, bro." Cyclops smiles and on the next page Rockslide is shown to be hit by an optic blast and he hit through the window. Cyclops says that he wants Rockslide to be on his team. Rockslide asks about Blindfold and Cyclops says "Not part of the plan. I'm sorry Ms. Aldine." Rockslide then defends her and says: "Her and me or no me, man." With all the Young X-men (Except Greymalkin)members at the danger cave, Cyclops explains how they are the last generation of mutants and who their new enemy is. The New Brother-Hood of Mutants. The leader is Lord Imperial(Sunspot) of the hellfire club. Cyclops actives a hologram projector and Cannonball, Magma, Moonstar and Lord Imperial are shown. Cyclops explains that his former teammates have joined him.

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