Amazing Adventures #37

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Old Skull recounts his first meeting with Killraven, as well as the earliest days of the Martian Invasion.

Suwannee River, Okefenokee National Wildlife Refuge, New Years Eve, 2020: Killraven and his band of Freemen have come across the people that reside in the refuge, who have been mostly undisturbed by the Martian Masters due to the environment they dwell in being hard for the Martians to attack; After besting their leader Brother Axe in battle, Killraven and his friends are invited to dine with the people of Suwannee River; While telling Brother Axe and his people tales of his and Old Skull's days in the Martian gladiator arenas, Killraven's story gets sidetracked as Old Skull begins telling his life story.