X-Factor Vol. 1 #100

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The fate of certain X-Factor members hangs in the balancein the blockbuster 100th issue of the series, as a deadly battle erupts between the team and new x-villianess, Haven! X-Factor is torn in half as Havok struggles to hold his team together, but how can he when Haven literally destroys one of the team's core members?! This issue will shake readers to their core!


X-Factor is confronting Wolfsbane at Haven's stronghold in California, as she has decided to side with Haven as opposed to X-Factor. Valerie Cooper has also sided against them. X-Factor continues to confront Haven, at one point deciding she was too dangerous to let run free, and attacking her. One of Multiple Man's dupes agrees to join Haven, just before Haven uses her powers to cause them to experience a Pralaya, sending them away.

Each member of X-Factor goes through an intense physical and mental experience, most notably Random, who turns into a pile of clay. Attempting to escape their cell, Monsoon, Haven's brother, reveals that he and Valerie Cooper have been decieving Haven,and free them all. Jamie's turncoat dupe leads a charge against them, and break free all as Haven and Wolfsbane watch.

Positioning themselves on the exact spot where Haven's satellite will be directly overhead. Havok and Polaris manage to destroy it. Multiple Man goes to Haven in hopes of having her cure the Legacy virus he now has and Havok allows her to try. Haven ends up killing him, and flees, leaving X-Factor to mourn him.


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