X-Force Vol. 1 #011

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Cable and the members of X-Force bring the bodies of Masque and Sauron to the Morlocks. Feral also has Thornn strapped in chains. She lets her sister go with a warning, as well as Cable's warning to the Morlocks.

Meanwhile, at the X-Force Base in the Adirondack Mountains, Deadpool sneaks into the X-Force base and attacks Shatterstar and Domino; only, that's not really Domino...

Elsewhere, G. W. is hearing from Kane about his confrontation with the Mutant Liberation Front and Cable. At that point G.W. now wants to stop Cable and sends in Weapon Prime to take care of the problem.

In Austria it is shown that the real Domino is captured by Mr. Tolliver.


Members of X-Force make their way into the dank sewers that serves as the home to the surviving Morlocks. Despite the complaints of certain members of the team, Cable is there to make a statement. It's a pretty simple message: by brandishing Masque's cloak, the Morlocks see that their leader is dead. Cable simply states that anyone who wishes to end up like Masque should just continue to bother X-Force. To put an exclamation point on the demonstration, Sauron's dead body is thrown forth and Thornn, bound and beaten, is returned to the Morlock ranks. As salt in the wound, Cable reveals that the one casualty on X-Force's side, Cannonball, still alive and breathing and, in fact, stands before them. X-Force then walks out, confident that the Morlocks shouldn't be a problem in the future.

Back at X-Force headquarters, Shatterstar goes through an intense workout while Deadpool watches from the control room. Deadpool has come to smack some sense into Vanessa and waits for Cable's little group to head to the Morlock Tunnels. He finds that messing with Cable's kids proves to be fun. He's already taken out Siryn and he figures to move in on Shatterstar (of whom he's found several weaknesses in watching him workout). The fight is brief. Shatterstar relishes the chance to fight an equal, but Deadpool backs up the idea that they aren't equals as he knocks Shatterstar out with a punch. With playtime over, Deadpool moves on to find Vanessa.

In another room, Domino reviews the qualities of Siryn's mutant powers and how they are similar to her father's, Banshee. Deadpool breaks in and asks what she'd prefer to be called: Domino or Vanessa? As her old boyfriend, he'd really like to know. In a prolonged fight, it is revealed that the two share a history. All Deadpool wants to know, however, is why she hasn't been reporting to Tolliver. It's feared that she is beginning to care for Cable's group. She can't deny it and he can't help but busting up her face, even if it really isn't her face. Deadpool subdues her and leaves her with a reminder that she's got a job to do and it wouldn't be good to go against Tolliver's orders.

Aboard the SHIELD Helicarrier, G.W. Bridge receives a communique from Garrison Kane. Kane reports on his experience with Stryfe. He states that it appears that not only is there a connection between Cable and the Mutant Liberation from, but that is seems that Cable is leading both the MLF and X-Force. Bridge is furious and wants to launch a SHIELD operation, but Kane states that this type of thing is best left for under-the-radar type groups. Kane then introduces that type of team - Weapon: PRIME.

In Austria, Tolliver is led by Pico down into his basement to meet with his prisoner. She's been a "guest" for over a year. Soon enough, however, Tolliver promises that no one will remember any of her teams, past or present. No one will even remember her. It turns out that he is talking to Domino and that the Domino that Deadpool just roughed up is someone else...

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